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            • The bank situation

                  Hangzhou bank was established in September 1996, since its inception, always adhere to the service of regional economy, small and medium-sized enterprises and market positioning, urban and rural residents is committed to providing customers with professional, convenient, and financial services, ...



            Investors service

            •     If you want to know about investor relations problems, can contact us through the following ways. Email, please leave your name and contact information, so that we can feedback to you as soon as possible.

                  Correspondence address: 46 hangzhou qingchun road, hangzhou bank hangzhou bank board of directors on the 27 / f office building

                  Zip code: 310003

                  Telephone: 0571-85151339 preach true: 0571-85151339

                  E-mail: ir@hzbank.com.cn

                  If you want to understand the problem of outside investor relations, please call our customer hotline: 95398400-8888-508